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Visualizer collect mode

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Visualizer collect mode


Since the last version (14.73) I was able to enable image logging with this command :

Options.Visualizer.CollectMode:= vcmImgObj;

And to disable with the following command :

Options.Visualizer.CollectMode:= vcmOff;

Now even if I enable visualizer in the Project Properties I don't see any pictures in the log.

Could somenone help me ?

Thank you,

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Re: Visualizer collect mode

Hi @m_essaid ! I see that you are working on this issue with the support team (00468091) and they are currently waiting for more info from you to keep investigating, please keep working with them and we would also appreciate it if you post the final solution to this thread as well. Thank you!

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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