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Visual Studio 2015 - tests only recognized when adding TestCompleteTest.tc12 the first time

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Visual Studio 2015 - tests only recognized when adding TestCompleteTest.tc12 the first time

Hi -

Having some trouble with Visual Studio and TestComplete12 integration.  We've gone through the integration steps (VS_TC_integration), and we are able to run tests initially.  If we save then close Visual Studio, and then relaunch the program - our TestComplete tests are not displayed inside of the Visual Studio - Test Explorer (note: nothing happens when trying to run the tests; solution is built, then nothing happens - no errors).  


Each time we need the tests to run, we need to remove the TestCompleteTest.tc12test item, and re-add it.  


Does anyone have suggestions?



Visual Studio 2015 (Enterprise)

TestComplete12 (floating license)

VM OS:  Windows Server 2012 R2



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Tried various solutions that other people had suggested, for similar issues, with no luck - reinstalling all software, trying multiple versions of .NET, reboots, recycles, temp cache clearing, etc.


Possible Solution: 

As of now, it appears that TestComplete tests will not be found in the Test Explorer of Visual Studio, if the Test Project and TestCompleteTest.tc12Test file are located in a folder underneath the solution root.



[ROOT] Project Solution

  • [Folder]Business Layer
    • [Project] Coding Project
  • [Folder] Presentation Layer
  • [Folder] Tests
    • [Project] TestComplete Tests
      • [File] TestCompleteTest.tc12Tests
    • [Project] UnitTests


Using a folder to separate the projects seems to cause an issue with recognizing TC test items. To remedy this, we have put the Test Project under the root directly, instead of a folder under root.  Will update if this is not the case.

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This work around fixed the current issue - also, I was notified that SmartBear would be pushing out a patch to resolve the original issue.


Not sure if this patch will be included into future TC12 downloads or not.. will update as I hear more.

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After working through SmartBear customer care, a new patch was given to us to remedy the issue.  This will be included in the next release of TestComplete, so it should not be an issue in the future.





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