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VBscript: Copy 2-dimensional array to another one

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VBscript: Copy 2-dimensional array to another one

i would like to work with 2-dimensional array in function. 
After I fill the array, I would like to choose, based on the condition, to witch array i will copy it.

Code in script MsgStatus:

Dim Array1 (50,1), Array2 (50,1) ' Global variables

Sub Main

 Dim Array3 (50,1)

  Filling Array3 with data 
 (Now i would like to copy Array3 to Array1)
MsgStatus.Array1 = Array3

  i found this solution here (, but its full VB, not only VBScript and its only for 1-dimensional.
End Sub

When i run this i obtain mismatch. Its VBscript so simple, that 2-dimensional copy of array need to be filled record one by one? 😞
Thanks for help in advanced, i am accesible on Skype (nick Lightofstorm) 

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I know how to make that, at any dimension, in Javascript but you should do yourself the transcription in VBscript.

I give here the code if that can help.


   *  Copie par valeur d'un objet
   *  @function
   *  @author Biache Benoit
   *  @memberof system
   *  @param {Object} O - Objet à copier
   *  @returns {Object} Renvoie un nouvel objet, copie réelle par valeur de la source
  function copyArray(O) {
    var output, v, key;
    output = Array.isArray(O) ? [] : {};
    for (key in O) {
       v = O[key];
       output[key] = (typeof v === "object") ? copyArray(v) : v;
    return output;

So you use as simple as 

let table1, table2;

// Suppose table1 is filled with single data or array of data

// ...

// Copy

table2 = copyArray(table1);


Another solution, simplier and faster, is to go through Json ...

Un sourire et ça repart

Thanks for reply.

Looks like I was probably thinking more about the situation than was really needed.

I already have a solution:

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