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Using negative look-ahead in non-native regex ?


Using negative look-ahead in non-native regex ?

Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to make a nice regex allowing me to get all processes with a certain name.

For that, I'm using Sys.FindAll("ProcessName", "regexp:MyRegex")


I want to find, for exemple, all the processes with a name starting with "myProcess_" but excluding "myProcess_other"


I've constructed the following regex :



This regex works perfectly fine in many regex testing websites.


Then, i'm using it like that :


Sys.FindAll("ProcessName", "regexp:(myProcess_(?!.*(other)).+)")

But it's failling to find any processes.

Any time i'm using a negative look-ahead, it's not finding anything.


Any suggestions ?



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Regular expressions used in the TestComplete Find methods are syntaxed differently than regular expressions used as native regular expressions from scripting languages.  I'm not very familiar with them, but you can find the specific syntaxes here


See if that helps.

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I am far not sure that negative look-ahead is supported by the regex engine used by TestComplete.

For official answer you may ask Support via the form and I will appreciate it if you update this thread with their reply.


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