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Using a excel spreadsheet


Using a excel spreadsheet

is there a way I can have values from a excel spreadsheet, and have them entered automatically when using test complete based on what is in the excel spreadsheet?

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Also, consider Excel object provided by TestComplete.


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Well, I got it to somewhat work, but it only puts in the last word from excel. 


Excel reads -  THIS IS A EXCEL TEST. When I run the test, all it puts in the field from excel it the word TEST.


Why is it not reading the whole text from excel?




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Let's see a screenshot of the code you're using.  Hard to tell what's going on otherwise.

Here is my test 




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Right after your Excel-Read Value, do a Log.Message and use the LastOperationResult option that's in this example.  Run the test again and it will put the value to the test log so we can see it.

Does this look correct -  I ran it , but not sure how to read the log file. 




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The log appears when your test has finished running.  I expect to see a line in there that has your Excel value in it.




My test fails after reading the excel and I get the following -- 




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