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Unspecified error

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Unspecified error

Hello Team,


I am executing scripts for desktop application using vbscript. While executing the project suite I am getting error as "VBScript runtime error. Unspecified error Error". Please find below piece of code which I am executing:


Function addopsignal

dim path
Set driver = DDT.ExcelDriver(path& "TestData\PrjData.xlsx","AddOutputSignal",true)
Set testStandDesigner = Aliases.TestStandDesigner
set pan = Aliases.TestStandDesigner.form2.ShellView
OpenPanel = pan.Menu.WPFMenu.Click("Teststand|Configure Automat")


I am getting error at highlighted line. 


Please note when I am executing single script(only one script) it is executing properly; but when I am executing entire project suite it is giving error as "Unspecified error". 



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Considering that this line of code works for the single test and fails when called multiple times (the latter is my guess based on your statement that the failure occurs when running test suite ), I think that it may be because the driver is not closed and the 'driver' variable is not disposed of.

The above can happen because DDT uses OLE DB in the background and by default OLE DB allowes not more that 32 simultaneous connections to the same resource (file).


  /Alex [Community Hero]
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