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Unspecified Error received when running all tests in suite

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Unspecified Error received when running all tests in suite

Hi Support,

Recently me and my colleagues installed Test Complete 14. We seem to get an 'Unspecified error' when running all the test in test suite. The first tests run ok and at some point durring the execution of one of the  tests Test Complete throws and 'Unspecified error' message and none of the following tests are executed. The tests run perfectly fine when runned independently. On the previous versions of Test Complete we didn't get this error (v10 & v12).

Any ideas why can cause this problem?


Thank you

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Usually, when I see that error, that indicates something more on the lines of a problem with something that is a code syntax or similar problem.  Maybe even if you're calling some sort of external object call within your code and something is not properly initializnig taht call.  If you double-click on the error, it SHOULD take you to the general area in your test that raised the error.  That should give you some clue as to what might be going on.  Do so and share with us so we can continue to help.

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Hi @gabrielaB,

Was the issue resolved? What solution did you decide to use?

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