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Understanding Object Comparisons


Understanding Object Comparisons

I have started experimenting with Objects in TestComplete 7 and I'm having some difficulty understanding how the comparison is supposed to work. For example, my (open) application has a form with a panel on it that contains several text boxes. Using the Object CheckPoint Wizard I select the panel and check "Store Properties Of Child Objects".  When the items are compliled I select Edit and verify that the properties I want to monitor are included.  If finish it by keeping "Report Difference" selected and copy the Code from the Copy Text window into my script.

If I change values in several text boxes, then run the code that was aquired from the Copy Text window the procedure produces a compare error but only shows the difference in the first text box that it encounters that has changed and ignores the rest.  My understanding from reading the help file is that you should get a list of all items that have changed.

I have also used the Database Table Checkpoint to monitor data directly in the tables and it correctly identifies all changes that occur.

I have included images of the panel in question in its original state before capturing the object (image 1), the contents of the CheckPoint Wizard (image 2), the panel after making changes (image 3), and the error message produced by running the code generated by the wizard (image 4).  Notice that only 1 of the changes is indicated in the error log.  Shouldn't I be seeing all of the changes the way I do when doing a database compare?

Is there something I am missing??




Hi Bill,

Thanks for the information. The basic information on the checkpoints is loaded when the project is opened. However, the actual checkpoint baseline data should be loaded only when the checkpoint is activated.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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