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Unable to select date from Calendar

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Unable to select date from Calendar

Hi All,


I trying to automate one web page. After launching the URL I have to select start date and End date as Previous business date. But I am not able to select the date from the calendar. If anybody have resolution of this issue, Please let me know.



Note: We couldn’t enter the date in the input text box manually also. So the only option is we have to click the Calendar button and then choose the date.




Alaguraja V

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Need more info than this.


The date picker object in your Object Spy screen capture shows as having 5 child object.


My guess is they will be the components that make up your date picker. Can you confirm this?

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Hi Colin,


Thanks..The Child object only shows the Month/Year back and forward button.


I just tried the below and its working fine.






Alaguraja V



And "CalendarLayout" which will be the part that shows the current month.


I imagine that's the part you'll need to interact with. Although quite possibly the buttons for month/year as well.


Certainly, I've automated date pickers (not this exact one right enough) before and they were much the same as this. I use the buttons to move month/year and select the date on the calendar part.


What are the available properties on CalendarLayout?


Setting it directly using a method of the control is all well and good as a workaround. But I wouldn't want it in a proper test as it's not something the user is able to do ...

Also, have you tried recording this? See what it gives you? Hopefully something more than a co-ordinate on the container!

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Have you tried using the

Aliases.Obj_Browser.Obj_pageurl.Obj_iFlowFxTrader.datechooser0.wDate = "08/08/2016"


or Also if the object has the AcceptPopUpValue("08/08/2016") method .... you can use that and it works fine. 

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