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Unable to recognize ImageRepository

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Unable to recognize ImageRepository



I'm looking to use the ImageRepository, but it looks like I keep having a runtime error just trying to invoke the thing.  It's probably a very simple problem, but I'm out of ideas.


We're using Python, and I've tried clicking on the image in a singular method.


def test():


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It almost looks like you're trying to use ImageRepository from a project that doesn't have the ImageRepository file attached.  Keep in mind, everything in TestComplete is contained in projects.  So, if you have the ImageRepository in one project but ahve your script unit in a different project, they can't "see" each other.

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So I figured that might be the case, which is unfortunate.  I ripped out the image repository and rebuilt it in the main project.  It at least doesn't error out on me, so progress is progress!


Thank you.

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