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Unable to perform the action because the button '$49.17 Select' is disabled


Unable to perform the action because the button '$49.17 Select' is disabled

Adding and processing a keyword test. The software provides the ability for the user to change a value that helps calculate the value in the box.

Initial box presented contains $49.17 based on Maximum Coverage of 50,000 and Deductible of 250.

User keeps Maximum Coverage at 50,000 and changes the deductible to 0.

Updated Box now reads $69.30 based on  Maximum Coverage of 50,000 and Deductible of 0.

When in playback mode, I am receiving an error with the message 'Unable to perform the action because the button '$49.17 Select' is disabled'.

What can I do to get the system to recognize the new box amount?

Environment: TestComplete in an RDP session through a corporate VPN. 


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You need to find a way to identify the initial box object without having the amount in there.  "$49.17 Select" isn't there any more when you try to look at the updated box so it is failing.


If you can show us the object spy contents for the button initially and after you've updated it, then we can help you find another way to look at the object.

Thanks Marsha_R!

This is from inspecting the image in the product. If I need to look for something different than this let me know. I can ask the dev team.


Here is before:


and after:


TestComplete captures it as:





Marsh_R - this may be more of what you were looking for...







Is that going to be the only Select button available at this point in the test?

No, there is one more on this screen that pops up after the Coverage and deductible is selected. It is called the upsell popup. In this case, I was selecting - 'Continue with my current selection'.



Ok, I have an idea, but can you show me the Object Spy again, but this time with the Advanced view?

Advanced view for the 69.30 box:














Okay, I think it would be good to change the name mapping for that button to use a wildcard that would match no matter what the amount is


Then what you can do is use a substring of the contentText field (in the Advanced screen) to look for the amount, whether it's before or after the calculation.


Let me know if that works for you.

Sounds reasonable. Not exactly sure how to get the wildcards in there at this point. I'll need to work with the Dev Team to get the name mapping changed on the button. The Dev I need is off today.

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