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Unable to find element - relative solution


Unable to find element - relative solution

I face a problem that TestComplete stops seeing elements it interacted before. If I map them again they appears under another node of app structure. After some time TestComplete stops seeing them again and I need to re-map them again.

I would understand if that happened with new versions, but it happens even within one and the same version. 


Any suggestions? What can be the problem about?

Is there any way to map desktop app elements that will not depend on code structure? 

My developer says, he can add id to all elements. But I could not find any id-related methods for desktop apps.

That would help me a lot...






Thank you!


Moved UI Automation to the top.

Hopefully, it is what I am looking for...


p.s if you accidentally come across the article related to that, please, share the link. Thanks

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The article is here:


Found it by going here


And searching for "Object Browser Order".

This is my go to place for looking up stuff if I don't know where to find it immediately. 🙂

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