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Trouble running Code Snippet from other project

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Trouble running Code Snippet from other project



I am trying to run a code snippet from Project A in Project B. Ultimately, I want to run Nunit Selenium tests in Project B after Project A's test has run.


Here is my directory structure:

+Project A

   Script Directory:

      Folder Name
          Script 1
          Script 2
      Folder Name
          Script 3
          Script 4

          Unit 1


+Project B

     Script Directory:

               Unit 1 - this was imported as Existing Unit 1 from Project A


           My Nunit Test

           KeywordTest 1


In Keyword Test 1, I have Run Script Routing, with the Operation: Unit 1.


The test instantly fails with "The USEUNIT section contains a reference to "ABC" unit that was not found in the project.


ABC is defined at the top of Unit 1 from Project A. Project A has many scripts (maybe a total of 20). Do I need to copy all to project B? Or is there a simpler way?


Thank you!

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Everything that is in Unit1's section for "USEUNIT" needs to be in project B as well.  Anything that is a dependancy needs to be brought over.  You might not need to bring EVERYTHING over from Project B but, if there is a dependancy, it needs to be in both projects.


An alternative solution is to convert commonly executed code into Script Extensions to make it easier to share code between projects.

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