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Testing a Virtual app (Citrix)

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Testing a Virtual app (Citrix)

I am currently testing a virtual app in a Citrix VM. When I login to the VM, the app is presented in a browser and I can only access the app and nothing else in the VM. So TestComplete cannot be installed in the VM where the app is running. Can I use TestComplete to automate and execute tests in this scenario?

What I would like to do is:

  1. Open a browser and login to Citrix web portal where the VM is listed.
  2. Click the VM which will download a receiver file.
  3. Open the Citrix receiver file to launch the VM, and  the virtual app in a browser within the VM.
  4. Develop and execute tests in the virtual app.
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TestComplete must be installed on the same machine along with the tested application and must be up and running in order to drive the tested application.


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