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Testcomplete interacts with Solaris OS

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Testcomplete interacts with Solaris OS

Hi Team,

I have gone through so many analysis and documentation to get to know Test complete supports Solaris or not?

And also i have some some requirement to work with Solaris OS using Test complete Tool.

Can you please confirm me whether Test complete support Solaris or not?





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For me, as Solaris is unix based os so no, TestComplete cannot be run on it.


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Thanks for your quick response.

Can you please elaborate ...?

How it is ??

Solaris is Unix based.. I agreed 

Though it is UNIX based OS, what is the impact on Testcomplete?



TestComplete works mainly by hooking on low level system action and introspecting memory model.

These are OS and processor architecture dependent.

Testcomplete is built for Windows OS and x86 processor.

TestComplete doesn't run on on Mac too for theses reasons.


On Jaris, a fork of Solaris, there was a Windows execution system, name was Mandoris but this fork is discontinued.

But on Sol10 or Sol 11 i don't know if you can find something to run hardcore Windows application.




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Thanks Benoit.

Could you please provide the link , Where i can dig more




For Jaris (and then Mandoris) it will very hard to find something working.

Last link was an attempt by japanese people to build a VM with Jaris installed.


On wikipedia you have some info valuable :


Perhaps using Wine on Solaris ?

But in past trials were made and fails ..


If you can manage to launch a windows VM on Solaris, on this VM you will able to launch TestComplete ... but you'll be able to test only apps on this VM ...



What is your need, automation on application under Solaris ?

Which kind of test ?


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Here explaining my requirement:

Suppose 2 drivers are there with me . Driver 1 and Driver 2 

Driver 1  is window based and Driver 2 is Solaris based 


I have automated my scripts with Driver 1 on the windows OS and the same script , i want to run on Driver 2 Solaris OS environment using Test complete Tool 

Is it doable ?? if it is possible , Please tell me the approach..


Please let me know if requirement is not understandable..

urgent requirement

how do you check your driver, a visual result ? a system reduslt ? or something else ?
i think it's not doable with any tool to test on multiple os and architecture
But if you find a tool allowing you to make the test on Solaris, just set it to send the result on a shared place with Testcomplete so on one place you will have both result and you will be even able to do the test in parallel
Even more, put Solaris on a vm and tc will be able to launch your test.

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But in my case, testcomplete and driver need to be in one machine..
In this case how I can lunch in vm?

So far i cannot help you more on this unless doing a test by myself.

Hope however i was helpful a little bit.


You need to test yourself or wait if someone else here have an idea or buy consultancy to try for you (you can contact me for that 😉 )




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