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Testcomplete and DevExpress WPF Grid: invalid number of columns.

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Testcomplete and DevExpress WPF Grid: invalid number of columns.


I think this one it's a touchy one ...


I've got a WPF application with a DevExpress WPF grid (DevExpress.Xpf.Grid.GridControl) 17.1 .

(I saw a similary post with a DevExpress WPF grid 15.1 on your forum but without solution, I think I have more clues for this, so I create this  post)


- There are 12 columns visibles on the grid

- The wColumnCount  testComplete property said 35 columns  ... OK I thought perhaps it were invisibles columns...but


if I look on the internal devExpress grid.columns collection,   there are 12 columns and all the columns are visible.  (grid.columns.count)


I talked with the developpers and they explained me:

  -  the grid  itemsSource is mapped to an objet with a lot of properties:  35 .

  - each column of the grid is mapped with one property of the object, but not all the object's properties are mapped on the grid: only 12 properties are mapped on 12 columns.


For some unknown reasons, testcomplete returns the count of properties of the object mapped, and not the real number of column.


And if two properties have the same label (displayText), there will be two wColumns with the same label even if no properties are mapped to a column of the grid!


Thanks for any clue!










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