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Testcomplete 14 SaveResultsAs does not export summary.htm

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Testcomplete 14 SaveResultsAs does not export summary.htm

I use Log.SaveResultsAs(FileNameLogFormatExportVisualizerImagesLogScope) for export Testresults in HTML after the testrun, call is : Log.SaveResultsAs(logpath, lsHTML, true, 0), logpath is defined in a variable.
Testcomplete 14 has the summary report (summary.htm), when I call the export from Testcomplete ID or with commanline parameter, the file summary.htm will be exported, but when I use Log.SaveResultsAs the file summary.htm will be not exported.


Is there something wrong with my call for Log. SaveResultsAs or does Log.SaveResultsAs not support the export of summary.htm?

Martin Stromberger

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Save results saves the log, it doesn't save the summary report because the summary report that you see in TestComplete is created later in the process after the log is saved.  It's not part of the log itself so Log.SaveResultsAs won't save that report.

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Second what @tristaanogre said. We had to rework our framework to have our powershell scripts save the logs as opposed to a tear down script inside of test complete to use this feature. 


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Hi, I came to the same solution, rework startjobs for local export and power-shell-scripts for moving local export to to a logshare. I'm still considering a downgrade to testcomplete 12 because in my case only the support for newer Firefox versions is required.

Martin Stromberger

Hi, @stm .
I faced a similar problem. Maybe my solution could be helpful for you.
We're running the tests with ps script, which starts the TestComplete. 
The summary is exported with /el command-line argument after testRun is finished.
But I post the logs URL to the slack on testRun start, and also post the intermediate logs, when an error occurs, or with pre-configured log-timeout. 
So I had to retrieve the value of an /el argument.

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