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TestVisualizer taking screenshots before setText

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TestVisualizer taking screenshots before setText

Does anyone else find this annoying. When looking at the pictures of the test visualizer, when ever I settext it takes photos before actually setting the text. so it puts a big red bar around the input text field but doesn't show that the text was entered.


"The text 'Novari' was entered in the text editor." - But the photo doesn't show anything being entered.


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Have you confirmed that the text is actually set?  

Also... SetText is good for rapid entry... but it doesn't always trigger events on controls.  I've found this ESPECIALLY with login forms... usually the code on login forms do not allow "SetText" to enter the password since it violates the security of password fields.  So... the error you have in your screenshot MAY be due to either the "OnExit" event or something not getting fired OR "SetText" actually preventing data entry.  Try replacing "SetText" with "Keys".

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