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TestExecute licencing issue on Nutanix server

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TestExecute licencing issue on Nutanix server


I sent out a support ticket last week but not heard back so seeing if I can get help through the community.


We have 2 TestExecute floating licenses however we wanted to implement them on our Nutanix Server, specifically on 2 VMs. The problem here is that it recognises that it is a VM and so we then need to use the Licensing Manager. The licensing manager requires a physical machine rather than a VM which makes it more complicated.


At the moment our test network is internal only and our Nutanix server is external. 


Having the license manager on a machine in our testing network does not work as it cannot see the VM's.


The only viable option I can  think of is to get a physical machine connected to the same network as the Nutanix Server and use it for the license manager. Is there any other option available? Manual seems to be a bit of a pain? Also once licensed any idea if TestExecute will continuously check it's licence every few days/weeks? I.e. we have to leave the physical machine connected?



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> but not heard back [...]

This sounds strange. Have you created ticket via the form? Initial request *must* be created using this form, otherwise it will not be noticed by Support.


> I.e. we have to leave the physical machine connected?

Yes, correct. TestExecute (like TestComplete) may check different license modules at different moments of time, thus it is more reliable to have License Manager constantly accessible.


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Yes I used the form that you linked to Thursday 17th October 2019.

Ok cool will do that if we need to go with option 1 of a physical machine connected.

When you invoke TestExecute, it will look on your network for the license manager and then check whether there is a TestExcute license free and if there is then it will open up the instance for you.


We normally recommend having a physical machine for license manager as VMs tend to change cpu, mac address etc. So if you can pin for example the ip or mac address to the machine and it stays static then you can install license manager on vm but if any of the mechanics like cpu, ip address change, your licenses will be lost. 


Check out for working with license manager and remote connection but again the machines where TestExecute is installed need to be able to access the license manager server

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Thanks for the reply.

the issue with the auto search is that it's 2 networks being joined together protected with firewalls & policies.

I can double check with the Operations Department but am sure we can have a fixed permanent VM for the licence manager setup. This will solve the problem.

The other way round is more difficult as its adding a new physical machine to a protected network.

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I could get that port opened so that might be the best case solution with a physical machine on our test network working as the licence manager. Thanks!

Yes that might be a possible workaround and could then potentially use a proxy as a way to get through firewall etc on the license server machine

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@DWalsh Would it be possible to take a 'Snapshot' of the VM with Licence Manager on it? I have been assured the IP address, hardware and MAC address will remain the same in all instances. Would the snapshot still work or could that break the licenses? This is more of a backup procedure than for any other reason.

This may well work.  The license manager looks at VM UUID, CPU type, and MAC address.  If the snapshot is truly restored to the same physical hardware, it seems like it should work.  However, I don't think the restore is guaranteed to return the machine image to the same physical hardware but this is a question for someone who administers VM.  

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