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TestExecute Asynchron action fail on VM


TestExecute Asynchron action fail on VM

Running a DelphiScript test on TestComplete 14.30.3743.7 x64 is passing, while running the same script on TestExecute 14 and VM (Windows Server 2016 64-bit OS,16 GB RAM, 4 cores 2.10 GHz), test will failed with Asynchronous object call failed.


Any idea?

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Well... In this case faster TestExecute or some differences between the environments might be the explanation. (While in theory, TestExecute is just a stand-alone runtime engine of TestComplete.)

TestComplete and TestExecute can be installed on the same machine. (But only one of them can be running at the given moment of time) So, if you have a floating license for TestComplete (or request evaluation which comes with the floating license IIRIC), you may install TestComplete on the same machine where TestExecute is installed and use TestComplete to debug your test script. Then use TestExecute for the daily runs.


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It was my mistake; the environments were different, having different databases, which lead to a different behavior of the tested application. So, I cannot assume anymore TesteExecute and TestComplete are acting different, except the play time, which is faster at TE.

With other words, this topic it has no point in my view, and for this specific environment which I mentioned above.

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@OAn I am glad to hear the situation is clear now. God job investingating this.


Also, thank you for active participation tristaanogre and AlexKaras!

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