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TestComplete12: Excel sheet not found error when executing as batch

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TestComplete12: Excel sheet not found error when executing as batch

On TestComplete 9, I was using the Windows Task Scheduler to run a suite of (scripted) tests by command line execution every day. I also use Excel to parameterize input for the tests. This had been working fine.


Recently, I upgraded to TestComplete 12. I adjusted the execution command appropriately (executable path etc.). Now, when I execute the command through Task Scheduler or as a batch, the test suite fails to execute. Each and every test begins, reports an Excel sheet not found (when retrieving the parameterized input), then continues to the next test.


This process happens for the entire project suite instantly.


However, when I execute the exact same command by executing it through Windows Run program (instantaneous), it runs without any issues.


While I can still execute the test suite, the loss of autonomy is undesirable. Does anybody have any work around or solution to this issue? Is it simply a lacking feature (or rather loss of due to TestComplete 9's ability)? I would appreciate any help.


Here is the command I use:


"C:\SmartBear\TestComplete 12\Bin\TestComplete.exe" "<project suite path>.pjs" /r /p:<project>/exportLog:"<results export path>.mht" /e /SilentMode


Note: The original TestComple 9 command I used was the exact same-except for the executable path and /SilentMode. SilentMode was added to suppress the Save dialog that appears after exiting (new log reference - new feature from  9 to 12). I have tried all variations with/without /SilentMode and /e.

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The problem has been fixed. Sorry for not responding, I did not work between last Thursday and today.


You were probably right about the permissions issue. The Task Scheduler selection "Run whether user is logged on or not" was causing the problem. This may have changed permission before accessing the spreadsheet. Not sure exactly why batch wasn't working still, but that was primarily to help debug the problem.


Thank you for your help.


Merry Christmas! Kudos!

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