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TestComplete usage in the business market in The Netherlands (Europe)

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TestComplete usage in the business market in The Netherlands (Europe)

When looking into job descriptions for testers, test engineers, test automation engineers, etc.. I very rarely see anything mentioned about usage of TestComplete.... My focus is primarily on Netherlands. I do not have any info on TestComplete usages in nearby countries (Belgium, Germany, France)...


When I speak to head hunters about my TestComplete background, and I ask about companies using TestComplete, I get the answer "never heard of it", almost all the time! 😞


I wonder why is it that so little companies in Netherlands use TestComplete for their test automation?


What is populair (in job descriptions) nowadays here is Selenium and Coded UI frameworks....


Do you have an idea as to what is causing this? And how to "fix" this?

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Nope, not saying that at all.  Case in point, the company I'm currently working for specifically did NOT want Selenium because a) it's web only and they have a mixture of web and desktop applications and want a SINGLE tool to do both and b) they want a tool that does not require coding skills to utilize but does support coding.

We are doing a kind of hybrid environment.  There is a framework that is being created in code with Script extensions, SQL database, etc.  There is a role here where someone needs to develop, update, enhance, and maintain that framework.  That person needs experience with the tool and experience coding AND needs to know what makes a good test in order to support tests in that framework.  However, there are other roles here that do the actual creation of individual test cases which does not require major coding experience and, with regards to the tool, doesn't need to be a major expert in the tool.  So... we're utilizing multiple roles, multiple layers of quality assurance personnel to test the applications.

Yes, there is market pressure for Selenium but, as was the case a number of years ago with automated testing in general, I think we'll see a leveling out in the market place.  It used to be that everyone wanted to jump into automated testing as "the thing to do" and it was seen as the silver bullet to solve all the testing problems of on-time delivery, bug free apps, etc.  As James Bach wrote in an article back in the late 90's, there was a "snake oil" mentality many times put out by automated testing tool providers. "Buy our tool and all your problems will go away with simple click and record."  When that didn't pan out, a LOT of companies that jumped on the test automation band wagon abandoned those projects.  However, the companies that saw Test Automation not as a universal solution but as another stage in the software development cycle maintained their projects and now TestComplete and UFT both have some VERY robust tools that fit a variety of shops.  

As for Selenium being the "end all" for test automation... not every application is "Web"... we have mobile application testing now.  And there are STILL desktop based applications that need testing.  Also, not every test automation environment supports low-level coding. And the whole "it's free so it's good" will level out for the very reasons you point out of support and general source maintenance.

Just stating the way the market is NOW is not necessarily endorsing a particular view of the future of the market.  You're OP questions the footprint of TestComplete in the European business space.  I've expanded that to point out that, in general, COTS tools like TestComplete and UFT are faced with a particular market pressure that comes from an economy that still hasn't fully recovered from the 2008 scenario.  But these things move in cycles and I'd be willing to bet that, especially with some of the stuff that SmartBear has been doing (their new Environment Manager for one thing) is going to expand their share of the automated testing market and even make inroads into Selenium's share.

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@mgroen2, I am living in Latvia. It 8 times smaller than Netherlands. Sometimes I think that I am only one testcompleter here...

So from the some point of view we are monopolists! πŸ˜„

@tristaanogrethanks for sharing your view and interpretation. You've put it all in an interesting perspective.


Also, nobody can read the future,... we'll have to see how the landscape for both COTS test automation tools and "free" (open source like) tools will develop and create new leaders/winners, etc.

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