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TestComplete test consolidation

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TestComplete test consolidation

I have several TestComplete keyword tests in several projects in several project suites in several folders.

(It’s like a virtual yard sale, essentially.)

I would love to consolidate all of them within a brand new/grand new project suite.

What would be the most efficient way to go about this?

Are there any webinars or tutorials to guide me in my endeavors?

Please let me know if you have any questions about my situation.



To start if you would like to use one Project Suite, you can create a new project suite. If you would like to clone the existing projects to the file location of the new project suite, or use their existing location. After that right click on the project suite, add existing item, and add the projects in.



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If you want the tests to always be in the same project going forward, then what I would do is create the new project or project suite, then move the actual test files all into the windows folder that matches the new project, and then use Add New to put them all in the new project.  At that point it will be set up as if you had added them all into the same project in the first place.




Hi @toddyguitpicker - 


I would like to also point out all tests could be consolidated into a single project within a ProjectSuite - but keep in mind when doing this that the NameMapping files would have to be merged in order for TestComplete to have access to the correct objects.


Let me know if you have further questions. 


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Thanks everyone for helping!


Hi @toddyguitpicker , do the replies help? Please mark the best one as a solution🙂

Sonya Mihaljova
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good morning sonya_m,


yes, the replies helped a lot. i was able to consolidate them into a single location. 💥

thank you all for your suggestions/solutions. 🙏

join us next week when we attempt to merge the name mapping. 🛣

same bat time 🦇, same bat channel 🦇.

have a beautiful rest of your day and week. 🏜


with gratitiude ❤️

toddyguitpicker 🎸


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