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TestComplete stopped regognizing objects

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TestComplete stopped regognizing objects



For some reason Testcomplete does not regognize the objects in my application anymore.

All the objects are mapped and worked about a week ago. Now it only regognized the entire window of the application. No updates were done either to TestComplete or the tested application.


I am running these tests on two identical machines with same version of the application. On one it works perfectly fine, on the other one it does not regognize any objects anymore.


The only difference is that on the currently working machine I have Tescomplete 12.5 installed, and on the machine that stopped working i have 12.6 installed.

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My opinion is that this is near to impossible situation.

You should pay more attention and find out what was changed. TestComplete and your tested application are not the only things that exist on the problematic system. OS updates, domain policy changes, some missed extension in TestComplete, ...


P.S. I believe that you have rebooted the problematic system, haven't you?


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I'm not able to answer exactly for the problem. But you can check the below two options

1. Any Anti virus installed.

2. Dot Net framework version on the machin installed is different.

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To go along with @AlexKaras, something has changed.  What type of application is this?  Delphi? .NET? Web?  I would also check licensing on the two machines.  Do they have the same modules?  Like is one Desktop only and the other Web only?


There's something different on the two machines and it's not simply TestComplete version.  Time to play detective and figure out what's different.  We can help, but we need more info.

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Thank you for your replies.


The solution for me was to reinstall the application and testcomplete itself.



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