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TestComplete running Selenium scripts separately

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TestComplete running Selenium scripts separately

Hey, everyone.

I have some test scripts written in C#, using Selenium Webdriver. Each "TestFixture" (class) has many test methods and some of them should run as soon as the previous one is finished. However, TestComplete closes the browser window every time a method is finished. My classes are written in a way that the tear down method is only called when the whole class has finished running, not every method (it works fine when I run them directly from Visual Studio). I believe TestComplete is not respecting this condition and keeps calling the set up and tear down methods for every test method. Does anyone know how I could set my project in order to run the whole class before the tear down method is called? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jfreire,


How exactly do you start a web browser in your test?


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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