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TestComplete integration with TFS Source Control 2013

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TestComplete integration with TFS Source Control 2013



I'm trying TestComplete 12  (trial version) .

I would like to try the TFS Integration, and specially the source control integration with TFS 2013.

I have Visual Studio 2015 on my PC, and testComplete 12.

In the tools Options, i choose "Team Foundation Version Control Plugin", and "Microsoft Visual Studio 2015" as TFVC client. I have mapped a workspace.

I think i have done all the pre requisite.


When i add a project to TFS via "source control" menu, TestComplete let me choose a TFS server, then a TFS Project via pop up: OK, no error .... But after nothing happens in testComplete: all the item in the source menu like checkin/Check out are grayed. I haven't see a checkin pop up.


If I look in TFS Source control, i can see the testComplete Project added, but no check in from testComplete.


-->There is no link from tfs source control with  my testcomplete project.


I try the second option, with MSSCCI provider, and it works, I can see the link with TFS ... 


Any clue ?







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So... the folder you have in TFS is mapped to a C drive... but your project actually lives on the E drive...

Right there is your problem.  Your TFS mapping needs to match the actual repository location of where your file is stored.  The E drive isn't your local repository so TestComplete isn't going to recognize that it needs to track source code there.

Alter your mapping to point to the actual location of your project.

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first, Thanks you for your help!


ok it was a mess on my PC.... I try with a new one:


- I map in TFS a new folder, test2,  in c:\test2

- I create a testcomplete project in c:\test2


I add the project to TFS with testcomplete:  I choose my  folder test2 from TFS:


- Nothing changes in testcomplete

- In TFS the project is added, but not checkin ...I think I'm going to use the MSSCCI driver for the moment, I can't spend to much time with this stuff because   I have to test the testComplete Visual Studio and TestManager Integration


But If you have any idea ... 







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