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TestComplete cannot see the buttons on one user account while other user see

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TestComplete cannot see the buttons on one user account while other user see

We use TestComplate on one computer using two different Windows user account. When we logon with one user, TestComplete just see Desktop Application whole window on object spy, not buttons, segments on it. On the other hand when we use other windows user account on the same computer, all the buttons or segments of the application can be found by Object Spy. We use same computer just different user accounts. We have one TestComplete installation shared and our tested application also shared, not individual installation. Because of we use same TestComplete installation on one computer, two users both same TestComplete QT files also.

Could you help us please why we can face this issue please. Thank you.

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This may help

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Great article suggestion, thank you Marsha!


Hi @cagan! Did the article help? 

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