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TestComplete cannot access menu bar of application

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TestComplete cannot access menu bar of application


A Windows application using .NET framework 3.5 contains a menu bar of type "StripMenu". Unfortunately I don't know how to simulate clicks to that menu and its submenus.

Using the "MenuAction" keyword operation I select "MainManu" followed by the menu entry I'd like to be chosen but when running the test, TestComplete waits for the menu and then runs into a timeout.

Anybody any ideas? 🙂

Thanks a lot,

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Did some "diggin' in the dirt" of the application and found out that it implements the menu using the .NET class "MenuStrip". Using TestComplete 7 I checked that the third-party controls are installed. They are.

Is there anything else I have to consider when trying to access the StripMenu?

Hi Robert,

According to the request you submitted via our Contact Support form, you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your machine. This fact breaks support for .NET applications in TestComplete, and you need to apply a fix for it. You can find more information in this FAQ entry.

I have sent you the fix via e-mail.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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