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TestComplete Scripts

Hi all


I have a hypothetical scenario to discuss which was raised by my manager today.


If, for argument sake, smartbear ceases trading then what does it mean for the automation scripts (primarily keyword based) we have ? Could they be run on other solutions ? 


Any info around this is much appreciated.



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I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say, "smartbear ceases trading". Could you provide some more context? If you are asking if keyword based scripts can be converted to be used with another automation tool, my answer would be kind of...


You are able to convert keyword tests to scripts, which would be created in the programming language selected for you current project (js, vb, delphi, python, etc) - [see here]. So in a sense, yes, you can convert your keyword tests into scripts and use those scripts with another solution like Selenium, SauceLabs, QTP/UFT, Appium, etc.


With that being said, I highly doubt you would be able to convert or copy your keyword tests into another solution and expect them to work with another keyword based solution.

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What I meant by "smartbear ceases trading" is that the company shuts and no longer support testcomplete. But thanks, you answered all my questions. Much appreciated!

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