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TestComplete_Scripting_Dynamic object_How to handle table based dynamic object.


TestComplete_Scripting_Dynamic object_How to handle table based dynamic object.

Hello Team,


Recently i come across very famous issue i.e. Dynamic object, well my web based application does contain the few dynamic object and without selecting them we can not proceed for further page, so i here i would like to request you all will you please guide me how to handle this dynamic object using scripted language ( not using recording and converting them) pure coding based.


Application overview:

Login as employee

Search employee id whose having premium profile

Search will return list of employees in tabular format contains columns like Name of employee,Country ,Status of Profile [Either reviewed or in-progress] & View profile


So here i'm more interested to click and view only reviewed status profile. if profile status is in-progress then view profile symbol is not available for that employee profile. 


=> So my question is how to click on this dynamic "View profile" symbol which will be enabled only for employee whose profile status is reviewed.

let say example of reviewed status employee profile standing in 3rd row in my table , first two employees dont have view profile symbol option on screen. 



Thanks in advance

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This is one of the cases where I would not map the contents of the table.  Map the table itself and then use properties like RowCount, ColumnCount, etc., to find the particular row you want and column you want and then check the contents of the indicated cell.

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