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TestComplete REST API

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TestComplete REST API

Hi all,

We are wanting to use TC for our CI pipeline (UI / integration testing). As we use a dedicated test PC not connected to internet, we want to use the TC REST API services to run the tests. The problem is that a new user session has always to be created. Is there a way to just launch TC/the tests with the actual user session?


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Here are the requirements for running the REST API.


What have you tried and which part is not working for you?

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Hi Marsha_R,

Thanks for answering.

I've been already through this doc. The situation is: during startup of our test PC, a bunch of programs must be launched. The tests have to be done after this startup with the user session and all those programs opened. So in short: closing the current user session and creating a new one can not work for us. Is there a way to bypass that?

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SessionCreator has the option to use either the active session or new session by providing credentials.


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