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TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

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TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

Hi all,


I have been working on the automation script for a long time and it was working well.

Today the script broke because all the name mapping has changed and its different now.


When I look into Object spy the name property of window is like,

Window("", "20211229_104856", 7)

But it should be something like WinFormsObject("FormMain").  Only once,  it's showing the right property.


Any help would be highly appreciated.



If you restart TestComplete and the AUT, is the object spy still displaying the changed object?

Thanks. After I restart TestComplete and the AUT, the object spy still displayi the changed object. The method doesn't work.

I get some message from  one topic("TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed"),  she resoled this problem with  the method "The problem is with the incorrect license. I have Web extension selected instead of Desktop".   But I don't know how to set it.  

  1. Select File > Install Extensions from the TestComplete main menu. This will open the Install Extensions dialog.

  2. In the dialog, select the check box next to the plugin you want to enable. So select desktop module.

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Hi @jingjingjing1 , I marked this answer as a solution. If you still need help with the issue please feel free to post your questions.



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