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TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

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TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

Hope this thread finds you all well. I have a question that whenever if I map on screen object in one of my laptop on google chrome and save my test case as a script. After that if I run that same script on my other laptop on same browser i.e., Google Chrome, in that case my test case fails by saying that object not found, due to that i had to map those objects again in new laptop, why would i need to do this in other laptop, Is there not any way to map object once and run those test cases in any laptop without mapping object again.


Thanks, I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

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Re: TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed



> Is there not any way to map object once [...]

This is the purpose of NameMApping/Aliasing - to map once and reliably use the mapped object for all browsers and until the UI layout of the tested application is completely redesigned.

The problem here is that it is only you and your team (designers and developers) who know the UI layout of your tested application and what properties of web elements can be used for stable and reliable mappings.

TestComplete tries its best but there is no universal way here and good mapping always requires it to be done in advance, before recording. from page might appear to be useful.


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