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TestComplete- Export Keyword Test Project Scripts

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TestComplete- Export Keyword Test Project Scripts

Is it possible to export your keyword test projects to scripts or some other format to change test automation software?


After two years of writing keyword tests in TestComplete, we've decided to change to a different test automation tool such as Cypress, Web Driver, or Selenium that will work better with our web app.  We do not want to lose all of our current tests if we can export to javascript or some other format.  


We would need our projects, name mapping information, existing scripts, and project variables.


I'm not looking to export the logs or results from the tests but the tests themselves.






Hi @Btipton,


Afraid this would not be possible. You can convert tests to script in whatever language the project was configured in at creation, but these scripts also leverage built-in methods not available outside of TestComplete. 


What are the issues are you facing with TestComplete, maybe we can help with those?




SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Thank you for helping mikef!


Hi @Btipton! Does this answer your question? Please let us know if the Community can be of anymore help.

I'd recommend creating a new thread for issues you encounter. Alternatively, please raise a support ticket.  

Sonya Mihaljova
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The list of issues is extensive at this point in all tests and not worth the ongoing maintenance.


Although this answer is not ideal, it is understandable.  We will look at possible options for exporting the tests and converting name mappings.

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