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TestComplete 7.2 script editor bug

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TestComplete 7.2 script editor bug


I've an annoying bug at my TestComplete 7.20.562.7 Enterprise working instance. It appears as wrong setting of cursor focus near world wrap line (when word wrapping is on) using mouse. In partucular, I just can't highligt some pieces of code if they're too long. The only way I can workaround that problew is switching off world wrapping. But that means using of horizontal scroll during scripting which is too upset.

Any ideas on what else can I do?

Hello Vadim,

First of all, I would recommend that you upgraded to the latest version of the tool, which is 7.52, and checked whether the issue occurs with this version of TestComplete.

If the problem still exists in this version, could you please provide more information on what exact problem you are facing? Please record a video demonstrating the problem and send it to us directly using the Contact Support form. To record a video, you can use Jing, which is a free screen capture tool.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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