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I am getting notified about new version of TestComplete but I can not find any information as to what is in the update. The update site still lists 15.51.18.


Does anybody know what is in this update?


UPDATE: They updated the documentation to list the changes now.

Patch improvements and fixes (minor release 15.51.26)

  • Support for Google Chrome version 114.

  • Support for Microsoft Edge version 114.

  • Support for Mozilla Firefox version 112.

  • We have resolved issues with the WaitAliasChild method.

Please note that if you upgrade to the latest version of TestComplete and it still doesn't work with Google Chrome 114 or Microsoft Edge 114, you will need to uninstall TC from your machine (and if asked, remove all files at the end of the uninstall) and then reinstall the latest version 15.51.26.

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Upgrading to TestComplete and starting TestComplete still presents a popup for TestComplete upgrade, and TestComplete still reflects 15.51.18.


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I have the same issue, I've updated 3 times but still get the update pop-up.

At first I thought must be many updates then.

Might be fixed later so just click remind later and update next week.

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I open a case with SmartBear

They replied back with a link today for downloading TestComplete 15.51.26.
I ran the install and TestComplete does reflect that version
Testing it out now.

Not sure when SmartBear will update the official side for the link from webpage and TestComplate\TestExecute side.


Thank you guys for the update.

@dhundley : For your information and maybe you have something to add.


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Support for Mozilla Firefox version 112.

This version doesn't exist?

Firefix is on 102.11


Anyways my update worked for me today, I'm on 15.51.26 now.


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