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TestComplete 14 via commandline opens with error

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TestComplete 14 via commandline opens with error

When I open TestComplete via command line with or without arguments, it always shows an error: Cannot open the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 14\x64\Bin\TestComplete.exe' file vecause it is not a valid project suite or project file. Of course it is not, this is the path of TestComplete.exe. The right project can not be specified.

When I open TestComplete via .exe file, the error is not shown.

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How are you running the command line?  What tool are you using (Windows scheduler, Jenkins, Powershell...)?


The reason I ask is that I've seen this error before when running through certain external tools but the environment isn't properly prepared.

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If i am understanding you correctly, you are trying to open the actual TC application via starting it through the command line? Is there a particular reason you are going through the trouble of launching the commandline and launching the application by running the executable file with the absolute path?

As you mentioned, it works just fine and the application opens when you double click on the shortcut or on the executable within the file explorer (so there doesn't seem to be an actual NEED to launch the application via the command line?)

Either way, then I'd try using Run, and doing cmd to make sure i launch the command line as an admin, then I'd supply the absolute path of the TC executable and see if the application still does not launch. 

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Launching Cmd (even not in Administrator mode)


"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 14\Bin\TestComplete.exe"

And TC is opening well.

Don't forget the "" !


Does in your TC recent project list an obsolete project is in ?

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Thanks Community!


Hi @anzhelika_d ! Looks like you received a lot of useful replies, did you try following the suggestions? Did it work for you?

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