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TestComplete 14.10.1042.7 and Windows 10 performance


TestComplete 14.10.1042.7 and Windows 10 performance


The performance of certain operations is "extremely" slow when using TestComplete or if TestComplete is opened.  Example:

1. Open TC

2. Open tested application

3. Perform an operation via TestComplete (example: clicking an item in a menu)

4. Result: takes 60 seconds for operation to complete

5. Perform same operation manually

6. Results: takes 35 seconds

5. Close TC

6. Perform same operation

7. Results: takes 10 seconds


How can this performance issue be resolved?

This didn't occur on my Windows 7 laptop- only started happening on Windows 10 laptop.

I've unchecked the Windows Store Applications option.

I've checked all the Desktop install extensions.


Thanks in advanced!!!


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Since you've moved TC to another computer, this may be of some help:

Marsha, thanks for the reply.  I double-checked and the settings are correct.


Check the Windows Updates section here.  There are some Win 10 performance issues listed:

I gave that a try and it didn't improve the performance.



I suggest that you contact Support directly with your question.  Here's the link:

One of the big things to change is under Tools | Options | Engines | General -> Turn off the option for Windows Store Applications and restart TestComplete.  That might help.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I already unchecked that option.

I'm also running TestComplete as admin.



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Hi @kimmatsumoto,

It's worth checking the PC's system requirements:


Also, please follow the steps listed in the following article to enhance TestComplete performance:


If none of the suggestions help, please contact the Support Team by using the link Marsha provided - they will need to look at the issue deeper.

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Thank you for all the respones.  I've submitted the issue to Support.


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