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Test fails after adding the existing item from some other module

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Test fails after adding the existing item from some other module

I am working on keyword tests. Created number of tests under keyword tests. I want to merge all the tests into one. So i have opened a new project-> Right click keyword test-> Add-> Existing item-> Selected one test from previous project. -> Run the test.



Test is getting failed. Showing errors like object does not exist or unable to find the object,etc.


I have just opened the test from the previous project in the current suite. But it is getting failed. At the same time when I open the same test in previous project and run it, then it is getting passed.


Please help me to debug the issue.

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At least the text of the error would be nice...

Though my guess is that you need to not only add your Keyword test to the new project, but merge NameMapping files as well (

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