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Test Complete version compatible with delphi6

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Test Complete version compatible with delphi6



We currently have Test Complete 3 and would like to upgrade. However, we use Delphi6 to build our application and it seems that the latest version of Test Complete does not support Delphi 6. Test Complete 3 doesn't seem to work on Windows 7, Windows 10 OS.


Is there a version of Test Complete that can detect internal properties of the application built using Delphi 6 and is compatible with Window 7 and higher.


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I'm currently testing an application written in Delphi 6. Works fine.


Win7 Pro 64 bit.

TestComplete 11.20 (current is 11.30 which would also work)

Delphi EXE's compiled with debug settings to allow access to native methods and properties


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My understanding of "not supported" simply means that they will not be fixing any bugs related to Delphi 6 & Test Complete nor adding any features to better support it. Existing functionality should remain.

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