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Test Complete hangs on Execution of keyword scripts

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Test Complete hangs on Execution of keyword scripts


We are using Test Complete 14.0  for building automation scripts (Key word).  While executing automation scripts Test Complete  is consuming more the  4 GB of memory and it Hangs, it's not responding and i have to kill the Test Complete process from windows task manager. 


Any help here.. 


Thank you 


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It would be helpful to know at what point in your automation it's hanging.  What steps are being executed in your automation, code, objects being utilized, etc.  

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Hi @Poornimak79,


If the issue still remains, please share more information with us to help us better understand what is going on.

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somewhere in the community  it was mentioned that by clearing the  test execution log files helps, so have done that and it helped me. 


hoping for not to experience the issue again if it repeats shall get back.


Thank you


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