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Test Complete files

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Test Complete files

I thought someone had already pointed to the documentation for this. (I could find it myself if the search on this website worked!) I am trying to find a list of file extensions that Test Complete creates and uses within projects and what they are for. pjs looks like the project suite file. I don't know what tcLS tcCfgExtender...

Anyone got link? Thanks!


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Files Description
.mds TestComplete project file.
.pjs TestComplete project suite file.
.tcNET Helper file that holds references to configuration files when the project or project suite is used in networked mode.
.tcCFGExtender File holding tester-specific settings for the project suite.
.tcLS File holding the tester-specific settings for project or project suite.
.tcLogs File containing data about test result logs.

Found on TestComplete Index Help (Help Menu, Index option). And on THIS link.

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Thank you.
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