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Test Complete Command Line: Calling tests within a folder or parent test item.

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Test Complete Command Line: Calling tests within a folder or parent test item.

Hello ,


I am calling Test Complete command line from the python subprocess libary. One of the thing I want to do in this script is sometimes call the parent test "SmokeTest" and sometimes call a sub test "BasicSearchTest". The only way I have gotten it to work thus far is to duplicate all my tests and leave on the same level as SmokeTest test item. Is there really no way to call a sub test? If so are there any work arounds that are less messy?  

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/project:project_name  /unit:unit_name  /routine:routine_name


Update: This may work for me. This calls the function with a specific "unit" or .py file. I would still want there to be a way to calll subitems but it seems that there is no way. Also passing in multiple test names commandline would be great. Are these things truly not in Test Complete?

Take a look at the answers by @tristaanogre and @AlexKaras in the link below.


One feature I would love for TestComplete to implement in the future is to make TestItems GROUPS available through the commandLine.  Currently, you can group test items in the UI and give them a name but you can not execute just that Group from the CommandLine.


I wish to be able to say: 

TestComplete.exe "C:\Work\My Projects\MySuite.pjs" /r /p:MyProj /g:MyGroup


Where MyGroup is the group name of my list of functions I woul dlike to run.




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Yeah seems like running it with the /p:project /u:unit /rt:function is the best way as mentioned also.  Unforchulately not all test items are named the same as the function they call which isnt a super big problem but another thing to refactor. Better than having multiple copies of the same test. Is there any talk of adding these feature to TestComplete or a place we can submit suggested features?

I submitted the request to TestComplete Product Manager on your behalf.  I will let you know when I hear back



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> a place we can submit suggested features?



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Next version of TestComplete (Next month) will have a new feature called Tags that will allow you to pass a /t for tags on the command line to group some functionality to execute.




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