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Tags and Error Handlers

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Tags and Error Handlers

--- Are tags specified at the command and run treated as a single test item? ---


I currently have a Test Suite / Project running using the Test Items and the items are set to "Use project's 'On Error' property".  The project is set to 'Stop Test Item' on error.  When run via the test items the project stops any failed item and continues with the next based on the code in my error handlers.


If I run tests using tags the error handler <edit> DOES behave the same way BUT the run stops anyway </edit>.  I have tried this via the command line and as a Test Item.  Running as a test item I understand because the error handler stops that item and moves to the next.  I want to run several tests for a particular function.  However I thought I may get different results from the command line.


The goal is to be able to run tagged tests based on the app function tested in TestExexcute like tags for the reports or ordser entry marking the failed tests as I go but not stopping the test run unless there is a condition my error handler can resolve like the app locking up for instance.


Command line fragments...


... /tags:"@Reports and @Manual"

... /tags:"@Reports"   


<edit> I can only think that the tag expression or tag stamente is being treated like a single item.   Would this be correct? </edit>


Any ideas?



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Any suggestions @Marsha_R , @tristaanogre , @AlexKaras ?


Your input in very aprreciated hereSmiley Happy

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I'll be honest and say that a tag is a feature that I haven't played with yet nor do I have any real knowledge about.  So, If I were to guess, I would say that your suspicion is correct that the engine treats a tag as a single test item to be executed with regards to exception and error handling.   Reading through the documentation seems to support this since tags are assigned to keyword tests and script tests directly so a @tag is kind of like an in-code version of a Test Item.  

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