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Table data missing after closing TestComplete


Table data missing after closing TestComplete

Hi all,


I'm using Table Checkpoint to verify the data and I found that the data of certain tables are missing after I closed TestComplete. There are no issue for other tables but the affected are the same tables. I have checked the tc.Tbl file, the data still exist but it seems like TestComplete unable to load the tc.Tbl files properly.


Attached image shows the data before and after closing the TestComplete. Is there any clue for this issue?




Hi @AlexKaras 


This is the update regarding this issue.


I had asked the Support, after they pasting the non-printable character into a text field in their sample table app reproduces the issue.

They had reported it to the developers and it will be fixed in one of the future releases based on the general backlog order.





Thank you for the update!


 it will be fixed

Didn't they mention what the fix will be? Are they going to store all data, including non-printable characters, and compare considering these characters, or just skip non-printable characters, or something else?


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Yes, they didn't mentioned the method to fix it. Sorry about that.

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