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Tabbed Browsing (Javascript script language + Chrome Browser)


Tabbed Browsing (Javascript script language + Chrome Browser)

Hello, I need to switch between multiple tabs in Chrome browser, and there was a great article a couple of months ago explaining how to work with tabs ( but someone decided to delete it. 

So, my question is: How can I switch between tabs in Chrome browser? I need a standard function or method from TestComplete that allows me to do that without any trick like "press the Tab key until you find the tab you want", because solutions like these end up with a "Warning" in my test results. I expect some method that will activate the Tab I want based on a URL or partial URL.



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@sonya_m That missing article is the one I used for reference too.  Did it get moved somewhere?  Could you see if you can find it for us please?

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Are you talking about this article: ?


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@AlexKaras Right, thanks for sharing the new URL.

Looks like SmartBear decided to change the links and anyone who bookmarked the old URLs won't be able to find those articles.


(new url)

(old url)


Thanks again Alex.

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Thank you Marsha for bringing my attention to this, but looks like Alex has beaten me to it🙂 Great job Alex!

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