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TC identifying a selected object out of bounds

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TC identifying a selected object out of bounds

Hi All,


I am recording/editing a keyword test in TestComplete 12.50.x, working with Chrome 67 and FireFox 61.0.1


Using the ClickItem operation, both browsers are able to successfully select a particular item from a dropdown menu. However, in FireFox the test stops and the logs list an error that the combo box item's index is out of bounds. 


Is there anything that I can do to correct this error, or even just allow TC to ignore the error for this one step?


Thank you.

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Technically you could catch this with an event handler, but it would be better to figure out why it's throwing the error. Could provide code samples or screen shots of your test and the object properties?


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I think combo box is behaving differently in both browsers.


Are you able to highlight the object in both browsers?

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