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TC 11.30 to TC14.10 upgrade - NameMapping lost


TC 11.30 to TC14.10 upgrade - NameMapping lost

I have a TC11.30 project working fine in win7. I like to move it to win10 and TC14.10.


First I tested TC11.30 on win 10, then the executor crashed, got feedback from support I needed to upgrade.

I upgradeded, Now it is working somehow, except for the TCHookx86.exe which our security scanning removes.

So I get this warning that TC will shut down when it starts, but if I ignore it I can work. I've done functional testing and it works fine. But when I load in the project we have l have lost the namedMapping. I've fixed the root so it points to its proper running process. But there are lots of subscreens I have not activated yet. I need to run the test and record first. How do I solve this?







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TCHookx86.exe is a necessary part of the TestComplete ecosystem.  You need to let it remain and reinstall.  Work with your security folks to exclude that.

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I will install it in the DMZ, See if it behaves better then. Thanks

Works fine, but TC is banned from internal usage. Should be a method to disable all this phone home stuff. We already have the license manager, should be enough.

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