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Sybase connection from string

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Sybase connection from string

Hi community, 


I am trying to create a connection with a sybase database but I can't. I need use it to execute update and insert statements.


The code I am using to test the connection is the next:


var connection = ADO.CreateConnection();
connection.ConnectionString = "Provider=Sybase.ASEOLEDBProvider;Srvr={SERVER_IP};User Id={USER_NAME};Password={PASSWORD}";


 But, when I execute the code, the next error is shown:

JavaScript runtime error.

The specified provider was not found. It may not be installed correctly.

I don't know if it is caused by the connection string or by the driver.

How can I specify the correct connection string? (some one can give me an example?)

And how can I install the driver to do the connection?

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See examples of Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider connection strings. Ensure you have the correct ODBC driver installed (32-bit or 64-bit) too.

Maybe do you know where can I find those drivers?

Because I used the same examples previously to do the connection, but I have the next error: 

JavaScript runtime error.

The specified provider was not found. It may not be installed correctly.

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Have you tried doing an internet search for the exact driver you require?

Yes, is the first thing that I did. First I installed CDATA JDBC to use it, but TC give me the same error, as I didn't install the driver.



TestComplete bitness must match bitness of OLE DB provider/ODBC driver (whatever you are going to use). Has this requirement been met?

If it has, use to get an idea of the required connection string.


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If you are using JDBC, then you need to use the correct connection string.


Is this not the driver your require, ?

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