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Swipe up is not working but swipe down is working in iOS Application

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Swipe up is not working but swipe down is working in iOS Application

Hi All, 
I am working on iOS application , i do use on screen function wPropertyY to set the screen on y axis, but on another screen this function is not available, so i used the Swipe (start x, start y, end x, end y ) function. This is the Function that is not doing anything but it is passing on the Testlog. to see the values please see this function. by the logic it should scroll down the screen.
 this_will_do_nothing.pngMobile ScreenMobile Screen

This function works successfully but for the swipe down the screen. Please see the values in the image

Note: if it is working and swiping the screen for swiping up it should also work 

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We would like to investigate this behavior. Please create a support case and send us your non-instrumented .ipa file. We will try to reproduce the issue on our side. Thanks! 

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The solution was the area was away from for the window we want to swipe, that's why swipe method was not working to scroll up the screen.



Thank you for the update on the case.

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I am starting to develop scripts for my iOS app.


and I try the swipe method but it didn't work.


Mobile["Device"]("Test’s iPhone")["Swipe"](500, 1700, 5000,1000)


Does TestComplete support this function for iOS?

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Never mind. I used ScrollToItem() method as mentioned above and it worked as my expected.

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